Feb 18, 2009

10 Quick and Easy Time Management Tips For Everyone

OK, so:

1) "A two-minute rule" This rule says that if you have to do something and it can be done within 2 minutes - do it immediately, because you'll waste more time if you have to go back to it later.

2) "a seventy-two hour rule" This rule says that if you have to do something soon and if you don't do it in 72 hours the chances that you ever do it at all are very small. So if if you have to do something try to do it in 72 hours.

3) If you have an appointment at some place with somebody, call him/her in advance before going there and ask if he/she will come for sure. If you don't do it then there is a risk that the person won't come but you will and you will waste some time.

4) All meetings shall last no longer than 1 hour. It's enough to discuss a problem. (After 60 minutes or so people start loosing attention to the topic and become less concentrated)

5) Always have a plan of the meeting. Keep to the points of the plan.

6) Find out the most time consuming activities in your life. Maybe it's TV or Internet.

7) Don't go to a meeting - if you don't have to.

8) Find out your most important goals in your life. Set some minor steps to these goals. Concentrate on these small steps.

9) Use your car audio system to listen to some educational audio programs.

10) Use S.M.A.R.T. goals for every goal in your life (http://www.topachievement.com/smart.html for example).

I hope that these quick time management tips will help you in your life and career.

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