Feb 9, 2009

Control the Time Thief

Just a random thought. The most valuable thing any of us possess is time, yet we all waste it and do not consider using it to our advantage.

A lot of people talk about time management, this is a fallacy, because no one, however clever can manage time. We all start off each day with exactly the same amount and if we waste it or do not utilise it to our benefit, it is gone forever.

So having said that, what can we manage? Correct! Ourselves. We should therefore consider renaming time management, to US management.

It is amazing how many people are prepared to trade the time they spend with loved ones and friends for material gains. Once again I am not against getting hold of money to do the things you want to do,but I am against having this out of balance, so that you work to a point that you do not have time to spend with the important people in your life.

Every business person that I mentor has to agree to not work on weekends and to make sure that they keep relationships alive and well.

If you are now thinking that I have lost the plot and there is no way that you could rearrange things, please have a good look at the things that I call time thieves. There are many things in this category e.g answering your phone and dealing with that person immediately, even though you are in the middle of doing something else. Dealing with incoming emails as soon as they arrive even though you were writing to someone else. You get the idea, we are in an instant society and it does not allow you to plan things unless you are aware of the problems.

Just be honest with yourself and imagine what it would be like if you gave yourself two hours of uninterrupted time a day. How much could you achieve? Some people say that you achieve more in those two hours than you can in eight hours of a normal day, that is just allowing interruptions.

This is scary stuff. Why don't you look at rearranging how you allow interruptions into your life and get back the time you are giving away to use with your family and friends.

I am going to continue this theme over the next few days giving ideas and observations to help you plan your days properly.

Imagine with just a little effort and planning, you can get back some of the most valuable thing we possess. This has nothing to do with managing time it is all about managing you.

Hope this gets you thinking

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