Feb 25, 2009

Eleven Time Management Things to Do Or Not

Many people misunderstand time management. They think it is a way to get everything they think they need to do to the stage of completion. However, time management is really about doing the right things at the right time for each person. Presented are eleven things to consider when managing time.

  1. Do NOT allow interruptions to spoil your plan and cause you stress.
  2. Do leave some flexibility in your planned day.
  3. If its part of your normal daily routine, you may NOT need to write it down.
  4. Do write it down if it is a new habit you are trying to make or a one-time thing.
  5. Do NOT say yes too much or you will experience overload.
  6. And do NOT say no so often that people overlook giving you the opportunity to get in an important project or on a career enhancing team.
  7. Do agree to think about new projects within a certain time period and then give your response or offer alternative methods for help.
  8. Do NOT over schedule yourself or get bog in the details of every task.
  9. Do consider what you might have to give up in order to add a new task or project.
  10. Do NOT be a slave to technology by letting your cell, PDA, pager, or email control you because it is okay to turn them off or tune them out for a short while.
  11. Do use technology to your advantage for reducing time writing or doing calculations on the computer.

Let these eleven do's and don'ts help guide managing time. Remember, good time management is not getting everything done; it is about doing the right things at the right time.

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