Feb 21, 2009

The Importance of Study Time Management to Lead a Balanced College Life

Entering college is usually an exciting time of life for most individuals. You get to make new friends and enjoy the freedom and fun associated with the college way of life. It is important, however, to keep a balanced perspective on all areas associated with college life. It is easy to get caught up in the party lifestyle and to loose perspective on what is important; your studies. College student time management is imperative for managing work and course commitments, avoiding procrastination, staying on top of money management, reducing stress and avoiding the need to cram.

Some students are better at college student time management than others. This often depends on personal discipline levels and existing life experience. Organized individuals or those that have been exposed to techniques for personal organization can find the transition to college life easy. For others, they need some basic guidelines to help better control areas of college life that can make and break your study efforts. The following represents some practical suggestions for study time management.

Procrastination affects most students at some stage of their studies. Often the desire to avoid doing a specific task has to do with boredom, the fear of poor results or concern over negative evaluations. Not getting started can lead to stress, anxiety and ultimately panic. The way to overcome this is to break down each task into small sub tasks. A schedule can help you dedicate appropriate time to each sub task. If you need motivation to get a task done then consider creating a reward that you will be entitled to upon completion. Scheduling difficult tasks during your most productive work time is also a good way to maintain productivity and concentration.

Most students who are not well prepared can relate to cramming. Perhaps you know someone who consistently pulls all nighters? This can work in the short term but can often mean that you loose the information quickly if it is not committed to long term memory. By having a properly designed and organized schedule you can pace your study time management and balance your other commitments. Knowing how to properly design and structure your schedule is the key. Consider investing some time into learning how to go about doing this. Time invested upfront in getting setup correctly will pay long term dividends and make it easier for you to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Many students face financial challenges as part of college life. Not all students have the benefit of wealthy parents and are required to take part time work to provide income to assist with college commitments. Having good money management skills can help you better meet day to day living expenses and better plan your financial needs. It is important to track your spending, set budgets and have access to back up credit in case of emergencies. Make sure you plan your finances carefully so that you don't face needless worries that can affect the time and attention you dedicate to your study requirements.

Getting great grades and enjoying college can be accomplished by careful planning. Get started in the right direction by investigating time management, learning its importance and adopting it into your personal approach. Make sure that you make college student time management work for you so that you accomplish more with less effort, balance your work and study commitments and free up your time for social activities. Don't subject yourself to the pressure of not being prepared. The right plan of action can produce great results free from stress and worry.

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