Feb 13, 2009

Time Management For Uni Student - Part 1

As a university student, do you find it hard to manage your time and somehow feel that each day is shorter than 24hr? Don't worried this article is here to share with you some tip that can help the student plan their time better. It is an article written by student for student.

The first and most important in time management is a Personal organizer, you may think that as a student there is no much need for you to own one organizer and is just a waste of money. You actually have more things that you need to take care than you think so a organizer can make your job much easier.

Before we get into the very small thing that start with the big thing first. The first thing that you really need to plan is the year planner or semester planner which I prefer. Inside this semester planner you will put in all the important date like your exam date, assignment due date and other important date like public holiday and birthday of your loved one. The purpose of this is let you have a clear picture of how much day till your exam and also let you have a overall picture of how busy you are. You may be surprise on how pack or empty your planner will look like.

You should fill in all this as soon as you know them so that you will not forget about it. With this alone you will have the big of your semester. Ok I shall stop now and continue in the article to come

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