Feb 20, 2009

Time Management Techniques For Home Workers

Time management is essential to gain the long term benefits. But where should we start with the time management?

For effective time management there are two camps one is top down camp and second is bottom up camp. Top down camp give emphasis on setting long term goals, values, clarifying your mission before studying lower levels details. On the other hand, bottom down approach involves planning for the lower levels and current task before moving to higher levels.

Among both time management approaches for home owners, bottom-up approaches is the most effective approach. Here it is why?

Bottom-up approach describes the basics of time management - Bottom up approach concentrate primarily on any basics of home based business. While considering the basics and lower goals we can build the strong business foundation. Those women who understand their business fundamentals before setting the ultimate goal can establish their business and prepare it for long run.

Steps of fulfill your needs- Unless and until your basic needs of life does not fulfill, you will not move to other less important needs. As soon as person able to satisfy his basic needs he starts to prioritizes other needs.

The bottom-up time management techniques for home workers consists of controlling, meeting deadlines, stress reduction, responding to emergencies with accomplishing the other important projects that require for achievement of long term goals.

The human tendency- It is the human tendency that he first clarify his ultimate goal and later on he analyze the resources and then make a good start. For that he manages time and resources at initial step only.

Approaches towards higher levels- Setting an ultimate goal is essential but you need to do time management from the initial level otherwise you will end in doing things of without significance instead of achieving ultimate goal.

Time management techniques for home workers are useful and broad subject. For effective time management, it is best to divide and manage your time in different levels.

Every level should offer unique view of time management with different challenges and opportunities. These levels will guide you in executing the best practices for getting the fruitful results.

In the first level of bottom up time management techniques for home workers, you should emphasize on action and work for research. After that, consider task and project management for picking up the next important task and project that need to be accomplished with selection of proficient team at fourth level. System and processes comes at fifth level that clarifies the process of getting desired results with furtherance of strategic planning on sixth level. On seventh level a business woman should concentrate on her assigned responsibilities and try to lead and monitor different work that are required for successful mission accomplishment in the eight level.

Ultimately analyze your work and evaluate your deeds whether they meet the dream that you have in your life or not. This will enable you to lead in both your personal and official grounds.

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