Feb 17, 2009

Time Management Tips - 3 Essentials to Enlarge Your Experience of Time

Time management tips can, amazingly, actually be used to enlarge your experience of time. You open your mind to journey from problem-solving time to sacred, or strong, time.

Tapping into the power of strong time is simple. Three steps point the way.

How to Create Strong Time Out of "Nothing"

  1. Find time for silence daily. All arises and returns to silence. When quieting your mind to hear subtle sounds emerge, a profound shift begins within you. Your shoulders ease, your breath lengthens, and you experience the spaciousness of emptiness. Listening has long been valued as a path to sacred time, because you focus only upon receiving. What reaches your ears then falls away naturally. For this reason, conscious listening in quiet surroundings is called "choice-less awareness".
  2. Conduct a body scan in solitude.Science and faiths world-wide agree that patiently tuning into subtle body sensations, from head to foot, allows your mind to access its deep wisdom, relaxing and refreshing you. By selecting a time when you won't be disturbed, even in the small hours between night and day, you can pour your full attention into simply being. Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Full Catastrophe Living and founder of a noted stress reduction clinic, discovered that this mindfulness exercise, when practiced 45 minutes daily, helped participants reverse serious stress-based illnesses.
  3. Stretch time by stretching your body. Yoga stretches were originally developed to help the mind embrace the timeless. By gently directing your mind to feel your body extend, you release muscle stiffness. Healing oxygen helps renew and restore your energy. Finally, stretching in silence while attending to your breath invites serenity and eliminates urgency. Spending even ten or fifteen minutes stretching before meals carries another benefit. You may discover that your deepened relaxation enhances your pleasure in your food, and helps you become satisfied with smaller, healthier portions.

Although you cannot create time, you can powerfully enhance your experience of time. And ultimately, you live within your experience. Remember that you can always expand your existence by sustaining your by health, alertness and gratitude. This is how strong time makes you strong.

As an exercise, ask yourself: How can you start clarifying your priorities today to start finding more time?

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