Feb 16, 2009

You + Time = Your Time

Make It Your Time!

Like with most things in life you have a starting point and an ending point. But sometimes in life we will start something, but for one reason or another we do not get to the ending point. We lose interest, do not find the time or simply do not want to finish it. But some things have to get done weather we want to or not, and those things can be the hardest to finish.

I found myself starting many things and not finishing a lot of them. So I thought their must be a way to help myself to finish more of the things that I start, and maybe some of things I have already started.

With life being so busy, it is hard to find the time to do anything out of our regular routine. So I thought the first thing to think about before starting anything is when will I be able to do this, or where am I going to find the extra time in my already full day. Depending on what it is you want to do, of course, this will not work with every situation.

So I decided to set aside 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening for me, and in that 60 minutes I do something anything I want to do. We are always doing things for everyone else and never really get around to doing things for you. Well it is time that you start doing things for yourself, one or twice a day. If you choose to sit and watch the paint dry, so be it. It is your time.

I choose to exercise during one of my 30 minutes, I do not always did it in the morning, because things come up, we all know how that works. So I then do my exercise in the second 30 minutes that I have set aside. And I find it works really well.

I also found that setting small goal, like setting aside the time and then doing it, really makes you feel like you have accomplished something. Then those small goals add up and equal bigger goals later. So you really can achieve all those big goals you have a little at a time.

So I think everyone should give it a try, even if you do not have 30-30 minute, try 15-15minutes or just one 30 minute. What ever time you can find during your day, you owe it to yourself.

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