Mar 6, 2009

The Art of Self Delegation

When people thing of delegating work, they usually think of some big manager tucked away in an ivory tower somewhere casting out orders to scurrying minions. Not very helpful to a solo business operator or consultant whom only has themselves to fall back on. So how can we "delegate" work to ourselves?

In this article, I'm going to attempt to share with you a few ideas that will allow you to take the tasks that you would delegate to someone else given half a chance. And we'll do it in four steps.

Step one: Define your primary role

What do you do? And simplify it as much as possible. I know you probably do a lot of roles, but get it down to as little as possible. I for example have four interests I take care of and I could make this all about how busy I am, but that's not the point and nor is it very helpful. Instead, my primary role is to "make money for my interests."

Step two: Define your secondary role

OK, we know what your main job is, but what other things need to get done so that the primary role happens, things like accounts, Tax issues, invoicing, general admin all need to get done.

Step three: Divide and conquer

Here's where the magic happens, spend an allocated amount of time (I spend 4 days a week) on your primary role and another allocated amount of time (I spend 1 day a week) on you secondary role. If it really isn't working for you, change it up, it's your life!

Step four: Get your rest in

Never, ever give up on rest, you need it more than you realise and it means that you will be all that more effective when working towards your objectives

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