Feb 21, 2009

Great Time Management Method

Twice as Many appointments in the Same Amount of Time.

Today you are about to learn a technique I have used for many years to allow me to do twice and even 3 times as many appointments as my competitors in the same 8 hour day.

First let me tell you how most people do it as to draw a comparison. Most people block out an 8 hour day. Let's say 8 AM to 5PM. They allow for 15 minute breaks and allow for an hour for lunch.

Starting at 8 am . The first 20 minutes is usually time to get ready to get started. Make coffee, Straighten up Desk, Go over what was not finished the day before etc. Lets also assume that they take a break at 10:00 am for 15 min. They also get the same Break again at 3:00 pm. They take lunch at 12 Noon and return at 1:00 pm at which time they start over again like they where starting their day. Another 20 Minutes.

Ok,. So this leaves from-

8:20 to 9:59Am, From 10:16 till 11:59am<<>>1:16 to 2:59pm, From 3:16 till 4:59pm.

This is not true of everyone of course but most office staff works on this time schedule. I suggest right off, that some changes need to happen. Before we get to that, When would you schedule Appointments if you were calling out on the phone to them? Let's assume most appointment's take 30 Minutes.

Most people would say,
8:30, 9:00, 9:30, Break. 10:30, 11:00, 11:30 Break for Lunch
Same for the after noon,
1:30, 2:00, 2:30, Break 3:30, 4:00, 4:30 Time to go home. Now if you are an office worker with out either having to do the Interview appointment, then someone else is working with you. But if you work alone, then their needs to be some time to do the paper work that is involved after or before each appointment. So many of you just do your paper work if someone is a no show, or if you finish early on a call, then you wait until the next Half Hour Slot to get back on the phone for your next call?Also, Can we agree that with the best scenario that you would schedule 6 appointments in your way of doing things?

This has been all leading up to this.... Allow me for a minute to open your mind to possibility. The possibility that there could be a much more productive way. The way I have been using successfully for many years.

First, Mark your scheduler into 15 minute slots.

8:15  1st Appointment  This one is there and ready.          Done at 8:40

8:30 2nd Appt. is There and Ready. Done at 9:05

8:45 3rd appt. There and Ready. Done at 9:30

9:00 4th Appt is a NO SHOW

9:15 5th Calling at 9:33... There and Ready Done at 9:57

9:30 6th Appt is a NO SHOW

9:45 7th Calling at 9:59 There and Ready Done at 10:29

10:00 8th Appointment is a NO SHOW

10:15 etc.

10:30 etc.

10:45 etc.

11:00 etc.




Now lets assume that some will forget you are calling. Also, Tell each appointment that it should run about 30 minutes and to expect your call from 8 to 8 30. Second call from 8:15 until 8:45, 3rd appointment from 8:30 until 9 am, 4th from 8:45 until 9:15 and so on. Now notice I didn't say you would be calling at 8am, or 8:45 am Sharp but to expect my call between the given times. Allow yourself a 30 minute window to call them.

I have found that through the years I can count on about 50% - 75% of people to be there. I also know that I can book 15 Appointments in the morning and 15 Appointments in the after noon. That is 30 Appointments in 1 day! If you did 6 a day for 5 days you would set 30 for the week while I set 30 for the day. I guess that would make me 80% more productive than you? That means I would do a months worth of appointments in 4 days?

Ok, you may have a couple of questions? 1, Yes, take your break when ever it is close to your break time and you have a cancellation if you are caught up with your appointments. Oh, What if you do not get a break, I tell you what, if you talk to people from 8:10 AM until 11:59 AM then I will give you Tomorrow morning OFF!! Do not come to work until 1 PM Tomorrow! Will you be ahead, of course. You see I do not a helper, or more time, I just need to Schedule more appointments.

The key to my program is that every time I get done with one caller, I start the next one and I am not late, they are expecting me and I am not sitting around waiting for my next appointment time. Plus that added value here is that people will be able to hear it in your voice that you are an important person and need to wrap things up so you can get to helping the next person on your schedule.

People love to work with busy people who are organized. Happy Selling !

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