Feb 22, 2009

How to Manage Your Time and Enjoy Your Life More

You must have heard of "Time is money" but is it everything? Well, if you really know how to manage time better, you will not only have money but also be able to enjoy life better. But are you able to do that in your regular fixed job?

So, why not try taking up freelancing jobs and get more out of your life?
But if you think it is difficult to systematically work at home with the kids and home chores, try using these tips to manage your time and enjoy your life more.

• Stop wasting time
Log your working hours. There are many minutes which add up to hours which are spent chatting with your colleagues and friends in office. If you keep a daily log for 2 weeks, you would be able to see how you can save those precious moments and finish the assigned jobs faster, giving you time to enjoy with your family.

• Schedule Freelancing Jobs
Unless you are a high skilled professional, you can always look for better careers in freelancing that will give you flexibility and more time with your family without compromising on the pay. But you need to set a schedule such that you can stick to it. Sometimes, late night work for freelancers while for many, early mornings work fine.

• Stay Focused and Set Priority
For scheduling deadlines and projects, set yourself a priority list, tracking and analyzing your time. Just make a note on the list of projects that need to be done to make your work flow smooth. Don't procrastinate, but stick to your schedule so that your work does not suffer.

• Always Under promise but Over Deliver
Never over commit yourself but take on only as much as you can do. By over committing you create a tense situation for yourself and inconvenience to the client. Some people just cannot say NO and land themselves with too many things which are difficult to handle thus invariably causing more tensions. So always judge how much you can handle and prioritize your work.

• Look for work at the right place
You might be scouring the web for new job potential but if you stick to a few good sites that list freelance jobs online. Not only do these sites research and list freelancing and part time jobs, some of the sites also help you get a list of jobs in your mailbox daily.

If you know how to plan your time efficiently, not only would you be working better but earning more too.

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