Feb 10, 2009

Own Your Time

There are many things you can recover in your life, money, power, possessions but never your time. Guard it like a chest of jewels for that is what it is. Rich and poor are all bound by the same rules of time that cannot be changed for any price.

There are many time eaters in life, even in a very focused life. Each day is a blessing to be treasured and budgeted wisely allowing specified increments of time for work, play, prayer, and especially time with your loved ones. Balance in life is a difficult task for anyone to master, especially the driven achievers.

1. Many elements must come together for a sound body mind and spirit. The budgeting of time is a key element for maximizing our given potential. Time management is essential for all progress.
2. Focusing on one project at a time will produce higher quality results than multi tasking.
3. Holding to the scheduled amount of time for given tasks will ensure more tasks are accomplished. It is amazing how many solutions present themselves while working on something else.
4. Create a time bank in your world and never be in debt to time.
5. Leverage your time with the help of others, networking is the elemental tool for getting great results in everything.
6. Discover meditation, quiet time in this busy world is essential for recharging.
7. Exercise faithfully, physical exertion enables the brain to release endorphins that create a sense of peace.
8. Give some of your time to those around you who need it.

Enjoy your time, make it your time, all the time, and own life today!

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