Feb 28, 2009

Time Management - 6 Signs That You May Have Hurry Sickness

Our society has become a place where it takes all the running you can do to stay in the same place. Unfortunately all of our efforts have produced what we are after. We as a society are rich in goods but very poor in time. We are suffering form something called hurried sickness. Not being hurried does not mean not being busy. There are six distinct signs that you may be suffering from hurried sickness.

When you find that you are always trying to speed up your daily activities, this is a sign you could have hurry sickness. You find that no matter what line you may be in it is never fast enough and neither is anything else.

Multi-tasking is another sign of a hurried sick person. No matter how rushed they are that are never satisfied. So they find themselves doing more that one thing at a time pay no particular attention to any of the tasks of those they are involved in at the time. Driving and watching TV are two or the most popular times people tend to do lots of things while engaging in.

Clutter seems to be near the top of the list. Hurried sick people lack simplicity. They carry the biggest organizer, have the most books, buy time saving devices but don't have time to read the instructions and use them and have the fullest closets since they can not get rid of anything. Life is cluttered when we are weighed down by all the things we have failed to say "no" to.

Sunset fatigue in the hurried sick does not allow them to love. This is when you come home at the end of the day and the ones who love you and need you the most, get what is left over. This is when we too tired or preoccupied to spend quality time with the ones we have made the deepest promises too. This is when indulging in alcohol, too much TV and finding yourself rushing when there is not a need and arguments can erupt as a result.

The inability to love becomes a serious sign of hurry sickness. Love takes time and time is something that the hurried person doesn't have. This leads to the last signal that you may have a serious case of hurry sickness.

Being Superficial! This a curse of our times. Acquiring depth always come slowly. It takes being able to quiet yourself and allow things and knowledge to sink in and you truly understand it. Today we have traded in wisdom for information and insist on wanting microwave maturity.

There is a way to begin curing hurry sickness. You must start by cultivating patience and learn how to slow down. it also means that we must put ourselves in positions where we have to wait. Find time for solitude and allow the world around you to attract the ability to eliminate the hurry from our lives.

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