Feb 28, 2009

Time Management Tips - 5 Essentials to Transform Tough Times

Time management tips can redirect your energy to transform potential crises into life-giving opportunities. Today's tumultuous climate of constant change is an excellent motivator.

Are you willing to explore your power to not only survive, but also thrive in the face of recent losses and challenges? If so, use this easy inventory exercise to supercharge your resourcefulness.

Transitions Inventory

Consider changes that have recently shaken up your world. Then conduct a quick inventory in writing. Viewing a written list helps you scan the big picture, and it activates the problem-solving portion of your brain. It will also help you prioritize and realign your time choices.

  1. Survey the Scene

    Jot down all current changes that come to mind, large and small. Notice which areas of your life they affect.

  2. Identify the Impact

    Note how each change affects your current time choices.

  3. Praise Your Perseverance

    Actively appreciate each and every way you have met challenges so far. Write out each validation. This all-important step counteracts feelings of overwhelm and gets you in touch with your personal arsenal of strengths.

  4. Catch the Conflicts

    Where do you try to squeeze in new activities without letting go of old ones? Where are you pressed for time as a result?

  5. Locate What's Lopsided

    Identify and record where your life is now out of balance. How does this affect your energy throughout the day? How does this diminish your quality of life?

What do you learn? Perhaps you have gained new perspective about unmanageable portions of your day. Viewing conflicting demands might clarify your resolve to simplify your schedule. And this survey can highlight serious drains on your energy battery. At the same time, you may recognize just how much you are accomplishing, and appreciate current sources of support more fully.

Every piece of information you have gathered can be put to work to craft time choices that effectively address your current situation. Now that you have an enhanced awareness of the big picture, you can focus on your individual steps with fresh creativity and confidence.

Now ask yourself: How can you start clarifying your priorities right now to find time for what matters the most to you?

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