Feb 16, 2009

Time Management For Writers - Make Writing For Money Fun

Are you finding it hard to find time for your writing? Time management can be a real challenge for many writers. Discover how you can have fun writing for money, and write more, no matter how little time you have.

Here's a four step process to follow.

1. What's Your Time Worth? Set Your Hourly Rate

Start by setting your hourly rate. This is very simple to do. Just decide how much money would like to be paid, per hour, for your writing. Note that this should be an aspirational target. Even if you're only making $25 an hour now, set your rate higher: set your rate at $100 an hour.

This is a psychological trick. Not only will you be more likely to make $100 an hour sooner, if you follow this process, but you will also be sure to find more time for your writing if you realize that each hour is worth $100 to you.

(Of course you can set your target as high as you like: set it at $250 an hour if you wish.)

2. Set Goals for Your Writing

The next step is to set goals for your writing. Your goals should be process goals as well as money goals. For example, you could set a process goal of writing 1000 words a day. You could set a money goal of making $200 a day. These goals are easily achievable, even for new writers. There are so many writing jobs around now that if you can't make good money as a writer you're just not trying.

State your goals as affirmations. For example, "I now write 1000 words a day, and sell them easily."

I like to print my goals/ affirmations onto an index card and prop the card near my computer. This keeps my goals constantly visible, and acts as inspiration.

Review your goals at least twice a day by reading them aloud to yourself. As you're reading, think about what you're saying.

3. Block out the Time to Achieve Your Goals

Your next step is to block out time to achieve your goals. If you have no time to write, get up an hour earlier. You may feel as if this would be impossible for you to do, but just try. You'll be surprised that this works well for you, as it does for many other writers. When you start your day by writing, you will magically be able to find additional writing time throughout your day, no matter how busy you are. One writer I know wrote an entire novel in six months by writing early in the mornings and during her lunch hour.

Schedule your writing time, and set your alarm clock before you go to sleep at night.

4. Use Self Hypnosis to Get Into Flow when You Write

Many writers find that self hypnosis works for them. When you use self-hypnosis, you'll be able to get into a writing flow each time you write, and will be able to write much more than you normally would. You can learn self-hypnosis either from hypnotherapist, or from a CD. You'll be amazed at the difference self hypnosis makes to your writing.

Now you know several secrets of time management for writers, use them today.

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