Feb 17, 2009

Time Management Tips - 3 Questions Clarify How You Can Quickly Supercharge Your Day

Time management tips, which are really time choice management strategies, provide you with powerful tools to meet your daily challenges. Vague feelings of dissatisfaction with how you use your time can motivate you to fine-tune your time choices.

Start by reviewing what felt unsatisfying to you yesterday. Be as specific as possible, jotting down a few key words to refer to. Then use these 3 questions to zero in on what skills will help you gain more energy and satisfaction, starting today.

  1. Do you set clear objectives or an agenda at the beginning of the day?

    If not, you will benefit dramatically by adding intentionality into your life. Clarifying your values helps you set workable, daily goals. Then day-by-day, you learn what is satisfying. This is no small achievement! Become an expert on your happiness with daily experiments, and use this as a cornerstone for productive time choices.

    Just as important, by setting clear objectives daily, you will learn over time what you can realistically accomplish. By setting reachable objectives that challenge you to stretch, you experience life more intensely. This magnifies your pleasure in the moment.

  2. Do you delegate power to those who could not or would not fulfill your expectations?

    If so, you can multiply your effectiveness and improve your relationships by developing effective delegation strategies. Time you invest in learning how to select and help prepare others to succeed at the delegated tasks translates directly into personal success for you.

    This process enhances trust, morale, confidence and creative collaboration. And as you open to this flow, gratitude and enthusiasm 'stretch' your energy and time.

  3. Do you assume that the day will progress like the day before, and then feel overwhelmed by sudden changes?

    If so, you can develop a new level of resilience, by setting objectives that can flex in the face of the unexpected.

    An additional side benefit to anticipating change is that your alertness increases. This skill strengthens with practice, and so, too, does your confidence. As curiosity replaces fear, you will experience more zest and vitality.

No magic makes days run smoothly or like any other day you've ever experienced. However, you possess limitless potential to expand your opportunities. This is better than magic, because the power is all yours.

Of course, this doesn't happen automatically. But if you consistently use these suggestions to make new time choices, you will successfully supercharge your day.

Now, ask yourself: What is the next step you can take to create time choices that transform your time?

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