Feb 13, 2009

Time Management

Do you love and value life? Do you appreciate life? If so then do not squander time. It's the stuff that life is made of according to Benjamin Franklin. Once time is lost no matter what you do, no matter what you say, it wouldn't be earned back.

Just like money, time should be managed effectively, should be spent wisely and should not be wasted. In order for you to effectively manage your time and be a productive person with whatever type of career you have, then learn about time management and apply what you learn to your everyday life. Life is learning and learning is life, if you love life value it by valuing your time and by applying the things you learned about managing time.

Are there any steps or tips for effective time management? The answer is yes and below I have listed them down.

Steps and Tip for Effective Time Management

· Make a list of tasks you have to get done - To avoid getting late and forgetting or overlooking your appointment, duties, meetings, schedule of work and activities try to make a list. Do it by putting the most important thing at the top. Do not forget to mark the task that you have already done.

· Update the list at the end of the day - By updating the list you make at the end of the day, you will be reminded of the things you have done for the day as well as the things you need to get done the next day. Do it as an everyday routine if possible so you will get used to it.

· Perform the most important thing first - Learn to prioritize things and to set your priorities. Do the task that needs to get done first.

· Avoid time wasters - Try to avoid entertaining a thing that can waste your time or can distract you from doing the task that needs to get done.

· Make use of your energy doing the most important thing - When you are fully energetic do not waste it by doing things that are not necessary. Make use of your energy for things that are essential.

· Reward yourself - Reward yourself by eating the right kind of food and getting a good rest. Try not to forget to do some exercises as well.

As you continue to pursue the chosen field you have in life, may you will always remember that time is very essential once its gone you would never have or earned it back it back. Manage your time effectively so you will prosper! In fact, the most interesting and successful people I know are excellent in managing their time. So good luck to you!

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