Feb 11, 2009

Stop Being Late Or You Will Be Left Behind!

The habit of being late is really very bad and it leaves a bad impression on others. But this bad habit is seen in people around you in everyday life. It may cause problems for you as well as for others who are related to you. People really dislike people who are constantly being late. Try to be punctual because in a working environment you will be affected directly or indirectly, so stop being late. Or you will face serious problems.

In a business environment, it really leaves a bad impression and people will think that you have an irresponsible attitude towards your work. They all make fun of you and place complaints against this habit of yours. Your boss will find you irresponsible and eventually if you do not improve you will get fired from your job. The same thing happens with students too. So if you are really looking forward to being on time everywhere then try to build your will power first to always try to be punctual.

Your parents will always teach you punctuality from an early age, If you do not follow this practical advice given by your parents then you will suffer not only in your school life, you will suffer in your college life and practical life too.

There is no use in trying to hide this habit from others, as eventually they will realize that you are telling lies about the reasons for your lateness. Try to control the situation around you by planning your schedule and then organizing your activities according to your schedule. This makes sure that you are on time for all your planned activities.

Do not skip your plans but try to follow them .Observe why you are unable to control your time, what things or activities make it uncontrollable and after finding those factors: try to overcome your weaknesses.

Never do too many things but try to perform only those activities which are in your list and which you cannot ignore at any cost. First do important things, then if you have time, you may perform others. That's how you can manage to control time and don't allow it to control you.

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