Mar 8, 2009

5 Incredible Ways to Wake Up Productive!

Maximize Your Health, Wealth And Energy By Learning To Wake Up Productive.

Waking up productive may sound a little out there for some but if you put these simple steps into action you will be amazed at how much more you can accomplish through the day.

We all get the same amount of time to do things. Yes, all of get our 1440 minutes a day to either:

A.) Be productive with or
B.) Piss away.

It's your decision on how you spend it. Once those minutes are gone, that's it, they are GONE! Finished! Finito!

So, let's get this productive ball rolling shall we?

1. As soon as your eyes open from hopefully a great nights sleep, put a smile on your face. You just got another chance to do something spectacular! Oh and that smile just started off your exercise routine for the morning. You just worked three muscle groups in your face.

2. Drink at least a half liter of water. When you sleep your body loses hydration and can cause you to feel like you have a ball and chain on your ankle. Also, try to stay away from the caffeine first thing in the morning. Give yourself a chance to absorb that beautiful class of healthy water you just drank.

3. Give yourself at least 30 minutes for cardio exercise. Even if you have to get up earlier in the morning; do not skip this step. Get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing! You would be amazed at what this does for every part of your body including your brain. Getting your body and brain jump started through exercise will reduce some of that stress you may be carrying around.

4. For around 10 or 15 minutes go and lock yourself in a room for some alone time. Meditate and get in some of that spiritual light or just shut your eyes and listen to yourself breath. Clear your mind of all negativity. This really gets you to a point of understanding who you really are. It will also take tons of stress off your shoulders.

5. Make your first meal of the day your healthiest one. This will set the stage for how you eat the rest of the day. Some great things to put in your body any time of day are: Almonds and Apple Juice, both are believed to increase brain power and memory, Leafy greens and Raw Vegetables, both have tons of vitamins and minerals. Leafy vegetables are also good for the eyes and help prevent age-related diseases that can cause loss of site. Fresh fruits including at least a handful of blueberries every day. Blueberries are high in anti oxidants and really get in your system to promote your health.

Now that you have taken less than 60 minutes to wake up productive,(actually it only took you a few seconds to wake up productive when you put that smile on your face) you still have 1,380 minutes left in your 24 hours. Approximately 450 of those minutes will be used for sleeping. So, you will have 930 minutes more to get a ton of stuff accomplished!

Have a Productive Day!

Never Surrender to the Procrastinator Inside!

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