Mar 8, 2009

Superman's Success!

You can be a suburban Superman who does it all!

Be a husband and a father and always accomplish your goals, by focusing on what's important and what's in front of you at the time. It's the opposite of multi-tasking. It's compartmentalization.

Compartmentalization is best symbolized within the bow of the martial artist as he enters the dojo. The bow emphasizes the ideal, that outside distractions are left at the door. It says, unequivocally, I am here to learn and give one hundred percent of myself in the process.

Don't do more things at once. Do one thing at a time and do it well.

Be a family man. Spend evenings at home with your family. Eat dinner together, talk about your day, play games, finish homework and prepare for bedtime. The bedtime rituals can be rewarding and perplexing at the same time, so here's where routine has it's rewards.

Be a son, be a brother or sister, be a survivor, be a writer, be a businessman, be a life-long learner and a teacher. You can be all of these things, all at once and one at a time. Concentrate on each one separately, as you are involved with related activities, and give 100 % of yourself in the process. You will be amazed at the overall results that will appear in every area of your life.

When you affect one area of your life in a positive manner, you will find every area of your life is positively affected.

Anyone can be Superman! Compartmentalize your life. Make time for what is important now, and be totally within that moment. Opportunities present themselves and then disappear like a vapor.

Avoid time-wasters like the television and newspaper. Sit in the floor and play with your child, get on your treadmill, throw yourself into your work while you are there, and when you leave, bow low, just as the martial artist, and leave it at the door. Enter the next door you come to and bow again.

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