Mar 4, 2009

How to Overcome Procrastination at Last

There are many steps you can take to learn how to overcome procrastination. Most individuals procrastinate because the task is unpleasant of overwhelming, they have a fear of the unknown, a fear of change, they are a perfectionist, they have a fear of failure or are simply disorganized.

Procrastination may not seem like a high problem but it can have some very unwelcome results and you will miss some great opportunities. Procrastination by missing important appointment like regular check ups can even result in death as you may miss a deadly disease. If you do not like to balance your checkbook then you may ruin your credit by having a huge overdraft.

The first step is to list out everything you need to get done. You should list the first five things you need to get down and put them down on paper. The complete the task you first should visualize the project from start to finish. You need to visualize the process you will take in order to complete the task. You also need to understand what you will lose if you procrastinate. You need to be realistic to understand the cost, time and expertise needed to finish the task.

You should brainstorm if you get stuck to break the block that may be stopping you from completing the task. You can get ideas form anywhere. Many times if others know about your task then you will actually do better. Many individuals are motivated when they are watched. You can also organize and gather materials needed to complete the task in one spot. Disorganization will kill your project from the beginning.

You can break your task down into steps and complete each step one at a time. You can also list the steps and check them off as you complete them. If you find yourself still procrastinating you should set a timer and work on the project at least 10 minutes each day. Even if you hate the task working on it for 10 minutes each day will eventually complete the task. If you are a perfectionist then you need to set the bar low. If you are striving for the perfect then you will probably never start the task.

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