Mar 4, 2009

Searching For the Ultimate Procrastination Cures

People all over the world have been in search of the perfect procrastination cure. But in order to fine the best cure, we need to define what the problem really is first.

Procrastination is the practice of putting things off until a later time. Many people often do this in regards to things that they dislike doing. They will say things like "I can do it tomorrow" or "it can wait". I am guilty of this myself, and it is a very hard thing to stop doing.

Many think that procrastination is what a lazy person does. That is absolute nonsense. It is more accurately described as the lack of hours that a person has to accomplish the tasks that they have to complete. There are always things that crop up that are unexpected that take time from the tasks that a person has wanted to do. It happens all the time to a lot of people. There are ways to cure procrastination. Some people can do this easily while others may struggle trying.

Some people find that writing to do lists is helpful. They make a list that is realistic in length and stroke the item off the list once it has been completed. Another way to conquer procrastinating is to make big chores smaller. This can be done by breaking them up into small chores. I use this one myself with things I need to get done and find that it works very well.

Making sure that you get enough sleep and to eat a decent diet will help as well. It will boost your energy levels so that you can get more done throughout the busy day ahead. This is an easy one that a person can control once they set their mind to it.

We all need to put less pressure on ourselves and think of things more realistically. We are not robots, and require calm periods throughout the day. Just setting a nice pace for yourself is a great way to start winning the battle with procrastination. Try some of the things above and see how it works. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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