Mar 5, 2009

Time Management - The Key to Time 2009 & Beyond

There's one thing for certain. As the economy tightens so will the amount of available time you have. Whether we're talking about time to sell or time to use as you choose. Time is a key factor in your ability to succeed.

This is a particularly challenging time for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales professionals because money is tight. What was an easy sale early last year is a no sale now. And it's taking you more and more time just to earn a single sale.

There's another certainty you must face. You can't work harder than you are now. There simply aren't enough hours in a day to do more.

Therefore your only option is to work smarter. Now I know you've heard that before; however, I want you to approach smart a little differently. When most people think about working smarter they think, "How can I do more in less time?"

In other words, they are looking for ways to do things more efficiently. Yet efficiency may not be the answer for you. Here's why.

Efficiency is all about doing the same things in less time with less effort. Now that sounds good. It sounds like it's exactly what you need.

But I caution you that efficiency may be exactly what you don't need. You see if doing more of the same things isn't increasing your sales and giving you more free time now you can't expect it to do so when you do more of it. You can be extremely efficient at doing all the wrong things.

The key to your success 2009 and beyond is effectiveness not efficiency. Effectiveness is about doing the right things. The right things are the things that produce results.

When you do the right things you don't need to do so much of them to produce the desired result. That means you get what you want with less work. It also means you have more time for other things including planning what you want to accomplish and how to get it.

For example, let's use cold calling to compare efficiency versus effectiveness. When you're efficient you could make 100 cold calls and secure 2 appointments from your time investment. When you're effective you could make the same 100 cold calls and secure 20 appointments from the same time investment.

Efficiency is about making those calls as quickly as possible playing the numbers game fooling yourself into thinking every "no" takes you one call closer to a "yes". Effectiveness is about understanding what to say on those calls to produce results in as few calls as possible realizing the purpose is to make a connection that could develop into a relationship because relationships are what produce sales.

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