Mar 4, 2009

3 Simple Tips For Time Management

Have you heard the saying it takes 20 days of constant practice to form a habit? Think of that and then think of this: if all it takes is 20 days to form a habit, what can 20,000 days do? I'll tell you what these 20,000 days can do - they can reshape your character. This makes learning time management skills all the more important.

After all, procrastination may be a habit now but 20,000 days down the line, it will define who you are and what you do. Martin Avis knew this (he wasn't a former procrastinator for nothing!) and he used this knowledge to come up with a helpful, concise, but enriching guide, '14 Days to Total Time Control'. The ebook simplifies the concept of time management and offers tips for time management that are easy, practical, and workable. It is an entertaining read, too, as Avis draws from his rich trove of procrastination experiences to illustrate certain points.

Time management experts like Avis aside, though, here are some tips for time management that you can try right this moment.

1. Do not wait for things to become urgent before you do them.

Ever told yourself, "If it's not urgent, it can wait"? Snap out of this self-created myth. Time does not wait for anyone. So do what you can do now. Do not wait for tasks to pile up before you get to them.

2. Make a list.

Elephants, it's been said, do not forget. But you're not an elephant; you're human! It is natural for you to forget. So try this strategy: every morning, sit down and think of how you want your day to go. Then, write down all the tasks you need to do. Arrange them according to their order of priority and do them accordingly.

3. Learn to delegate.

You can't do everything yourself so why try? You don't need tips for time management to realize that you should delegate the things you do not have time for - what you need to come to that realization is plain common sense. So go ahead, ask others for help.

Remember, time is precious. You do not always get the chance to do tomorrow what you can't do today.

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