Feb 11, 2009

Procrastinating Must Be Stopped! Is it Possible?

Procrastination is a disorder which can be physiological or psychological. Procrastination is when you leave your task undone and keep postponing it time and again for a later date. It could be a disorder or a habit. Many people suffer from the habit of procrastination and they are not sure that what exactly they are suffering from .A few people mistakenly feel that they are poor at managing time to get work done or they are just lazy. If they are procrastinators, then they have to be taught how to deal with the habit.

For stopping procrastination, it is necessary to recognize in which category of procrastination you fall in! There are several medical classifications of procrastination like light procrastinators and heavy procrastinators. If you are heavy procrastinator, then you should get help immediately. Once you understand this, then you can recognize and know when you are procrastinating. And then you will be able to overcome this problem.

There are few mission strategies to control procrastination. Let's discuss them:

1. Lack of interest: If you don't have any interests in the task then don't take it. But if it is necessary to get the task done, then challenge yourself to do the task at any cost! Give yourself rewards on completion of the task like going out for dinner on the completion of project as a reward can motivate you.

2. Indecision: Some people are very poor at making decisions. They even can't make simple decisions like when, how and where to start the task. Such people should allocate should set a specific time for themselves to take a decision like five minutes to set a time for the project, five minutes to draw out the first draft etc.

3. Lack of confidence: Some people delay their task as they think that they will not be able to meet society standards as they have poor self confidence. They do not want to face failure and are afraid of negative feedback and results to their efforts. Such people should concentrate on their abilities and the end results of the project so long as the project is completed successfully. They should remember that their colleagues would appreciate their work and their boss would give them bonuses for simply finishing the project irrespective of the standard. This will motivate them to get their task done with full confidence.

4. Environmental Strategies: If you like to work in an open environment then take outdoor projects. If you are working in a home office then do not let your family interrupt you. Think that you are sitting in front of your boss's cabin and you can't leave without his permission.

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